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8:30am Early Bird Service
9:30am Contemporary Service 
9:30am Sunday School                                 
11:00am Traditional Worship Service                                     
*Nursery: Infant through 1st grade available during 9:30 and 11:00 services.



How to Know God Personally


All important relationships need to grow. You need time with God every day. Start your day with prayer. Let God be the first person to hear your voice each day! You can pray anytime, wherever you are. You don't have to speak out loud if you don't want other people to hear you. Just think what you want to say to God. He knows your thoughts (see Psalm 139:1-4).

1) God Has A Plan For Our Lives

Two great moments in our lives are when we are born and when we discover why we were born. Our life did not happen by chance. Psalm 139:13 says that God was working in our lives even before we were born. God loves us. We are special to Him, and He has a special purpose for our lives in this world and for our everlasting life in heaven!

2) The Impact of Sin on God's Plan for your Life

The Bible says that "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23 NIV). Sin is disobeying God's laws and not doing what He wants us to do.

Everyone knows there is a difference between right and wrong, even people who have never heard of God's law or read the Bible. Jesus taught that God's two most important laws are to love God and to love our neighbor the way we love ourselves (Mark 12:28-31). The second of these two laws means that we must act toward others as we want them to act toward us. This law has become known as "The Golden Rule." We know what we do not want other people to do to us. So when we do those things to others, we know we have sinned. That is why anyone can understand that they have sinned.

3) We Must Be Forgiven To Have God's Plan For Our Lives

God's plan to save man from death was to give His only Son as a sacrifice for our sins. His Son Jesus was born as a man, but He lived His life without sinning. He died on the cross for our sins and came back to life after three days. Now He gives everlasting life to anyone who receives Him. You received everlasting life if you confessed your sins to God and asked Him to forgive you through His Son.


If you have questions about accepting God's plan for you life contact the church office.