First United Methodist Church

201 N. Second Street.
PO Box 116
Milliville, NJ 08332

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8:30am Early Bird Service
9:30am Contemporary Service 
9:30am Sunday School                                 
11:00am Traditional Worship Service                                     
*Nursery: Infant through 1st grade available during 9:30 and 11:00 services.



Prayer - Add Your Request to the Weekly Prayer List

First UMCThree Ways to Request Prayer

  • Prayer Team members receive the church's prayer list each week and will pray for your request. You can add your request to this list in one of three ways:
  • Contact the Internet prayerline directly with your request and contact information.
    Call in your requests to the church office at
    856-825-2329 to have your request added to the printed prayer list in the church bulletin.
    Use the yellow form in the church pew. Simply write down your request and place the form in the offering plate when it passes by for prayer during worship service.

    As United Methodists, we believe that there are many ways to pray. Christians consider praying to be something we are obligated to do. As such, it is sometimes described as part of a spiritual discipline. To be sure, there is value in thinking of prayer as a requirement for spiritual growth. Thinking of it that way helps us remember to ask for God’s help and blessing each day of our lives. But the danger is that we come to think of prayer as one more thing we have to get done, an additional item for our already crowded "to-do list." If we are not careful, prayer may begin to feel like a chore. So we need reminding that there are many ways to pray, some familiar and some not so familiar. We just might try something new.

    A unique thing about biblical faith is the central affirmation that God speaks. God spoke, and all of creation was born. Think of all the characters in the Bible, from Moses to Mary to Paul and beyond, who hear the voice of God and are never quite the same again. If prayer is a means of communication with God, it follows that much of our praying ought to involve listening for what God has to say.

    About the Mercy Team - Ministry Leader: Virginia Long

    • The Mercy Team sends cards to homebound and to those on the prayer list or sick.  Sympathy cards are sent and hospital visits and nursing home visits are part of this ministry.